About Mark

Mark Locki is an adventure, lifestyle, environmental and humanitarian photographer based in Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada. Equally at home in the mountains as he is on the river or in a foreign country, he uses this flexibility to capture the energy and emotion of exploring some of the most beautiful places in the world. He’s been fortunate enough to live in both British Columbia and the Yukon, and has travelled through much of Western North America, Mexico and Patagonia. Mark’s goal is to use photography as a way to tell the stories of the people and places he’s been lucky enough to meet and experience, and to inspire others to explore and preserve our natural world.

Mark’s photos are available for stock use, and he is available for commercial and editorial assignments. Please feel free to contact him with your needs and he’d be happy to work with you.

Email: Mark@marklockiphotography.com


Core Values

Environmental Sustainability

I believe in working and living life in an environmentally friendly way, minimizing waste, favouring backcountry exploration on foot and sustainable travel as much as possible. Where I need to use carbon-intensive methods of travel to reach a destination, I resolve to minimize the impact as much as possible and to offset my carbon footprint. As well, I hope to give back to environmental causes by donating my time and proceeds from print sales. I have an incredible amount of respect and appreciation for clients that share this value and support environmental causes, and enjoy working closely with these clients.

Client Satisfaction

I strive to ensure my clients are 100% satisfied with my service and images and will do everything I can to make certain you receive what you expect. From pre-production planning to follow up, I will keep open lines of communication to make sure everyone has the same understanding of the project

Hard work and Determination

Whether it’s waking up well before the crack of dawn, hanging off the side of a cliff, or staying late to work a few more angles, I go the extra mile to produce the highest quality images I can. Plus, call me crazy, but I actually like early mornings, alpine starts, and chasing the sunrise!

Integrity and Respect

Honesty, professionalism, and sincerity all form the basis of my core beliefs. I will let you know what I’m capable of doing, when it will be done, and will get it done. I also value showing respect for my clients, models, and subjects, and strive to represent each how they would like to be represented.


I prefer to see and show the good side of life. Telling stories of those working on productive projects. Those who are helping other people. Motivating, uplifting, positive stories. I’m an optimist at heart and hope that shows in my approach to most of my work and life.

Bonus: Fun

I’m incredibly blessed to be able to do what I love for a living, and try to remember that every day. However, once it stops being fun, it becomes just another job. I strive to bring a positive, playful atmosphere with me to my shoots, whether in the city or in the mountains.


To see Mark’s Landscape and Cityscape work please visit www.marklockiphotography.com