Test Shoot: Outdoor Fitness with Shasta


I recently connected with Shasta McNamara to work on a fitness and lifestyle shoot in Cranbrook, BC. Prior to the shoot, we discussed a number of ideas we could shoot. Starting out,I knew I wanted to work with a more monochromatic colour scheme. I also had a few different ideas for specific backdrops we could use at our chosen location, but didn’t decide which ones we would work with until the day of the shoot.

The day of the shoot was quite cloudy and threatening to rain. Instead of postponing or cancelling, we opted to work with what we were given, while sticking as much as possible to one of the ideas I had in my head. Thankfully Shasta is a complete pro at this, having done numerous photoshoots in the past, and brought a variety of wardrobe options to choose from. We went with a grey top and black pants, and black shoes to help with the monochromatic colour scheme I wanted, and I knew I could de-saturate the green grass in post to reduce the intensity of it. With our options set, we went on with the shoot and came away with a number of images showing stretching and plyometrics, using both the track and the bleachers. We wrapped up the shoot just in time to avoid the incoming rain.

I shot the images with one light to add some definition and drama to the scene. In post, I added a touch of brightness and colour to the sky where the light would be coming from if it were present, while retaining the darkness and cool tones on the other side.

Enough text, here’s the rest of the images!