Recent Collaboration - Teffles Waffles

In late July I had the opportunity to collaborate with Teffles Waffles, a start-up local waffle company in Squamish, BC. Teffles Waffles make waffles for outdoor adventurer - trail runners, climbers, hikers, and mountain bikers among others, who need high quality, nutritious meals for pre-and-post activities.

because we all should have waffles before going for a run!

because we all should have waffles before going for a run!

Working together, we came up with two different concepts to shoot: one lifestyle shoot which showed the waffles being consumed in an outdoor setting in the morning before activities, and another involving trail running and showing the same models being active.

We worked with mostly natural light, adding a bit of strobe for rim light and effect in a few of the images, and played mostly with bright colours and environment. Although the shoot was done in the evening based on schedules, using wardrobe selection and lighting techniques helped give the images more of a morning feel.

Overall this was a fun shoot to work on! Below are a selection of my favourite images from the shoot.