Test Shoot: Outdoor Fitness With Matt Cespedes

Recently I met up with Matt Cespedes, a volleyball player and student at College of the Rockies in Cranbrook, BC, to work on some fitness photography. Fitness photography is a genre I’ve been wanting to expand into, as I enjoy capturing the movement and energy of athletes doing their thing. Besides that, I’ve been active my whole life, from playing soccer as a youth to exploring the mountains and trail running now, fitness is the one activity that ties my life together.

I initially had a variety of different ideas for shots I hoped to capture, but we wound up having a limited amount of time to work with on the day of the shoot, so I narrowed down the shot list to about five ideas. I wanted to show a combination of dynamic movement, along with some more static poses, with an eye to showing energy and effort in the workout. Matt was easy to work with and put in the effort to come up with some strong photos. His background as a track athlete helped substantially in some of the shots!

I used both natural and strobe lighting in this series, bringing in the strobe when I needed a little extra something when the sun went behind the clouds.

Overall as a first fitness shoot with limited time, I’m happy with what we achieved.